1. Do you often feel bloated after eating even a small amount of food?

Yes  No

2. Do you often have abdominal pain or stomach cramps?

Yes  No

3. Do you often suffer .from headaches?

Yes  No

4. Do you wake up with .stiff joints?

Yes  No

5. Do you typically feel fatigued even after getting enough sleep?

Yes  No

6. Do you have difficulty keeping your mental focus?

Yes  No

7. Do you have problems with depression?

Yes  No

8. Do you suffer from .skin rashes?

Yes  No

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Harry lost 12 pounds in 14 days!

Harry, a patient of Dr. Agatston’s, often complained of fatigue and joint pain. Dr. Agatston suspected that Harry might benefit from a gluten-free diet and suggested he give The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution program a try. At Harry’s follow-up visit 2 weeks later, he reported not only losing 12 pounds in the 2 weeks, but also that it was much easier for him to focus. Plus, his joint pain had subsided.

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Meet the gluten experts!

Arthur Agatston, MD, is the medical director of wellness and prevention for Baptist Health South Florida and a clinical professor of medicine at FIU. He is the creator of the best-selling South Beach Diet series. He has authored numerous scientific articles and is frequently quoted in the media on diet and health.

Natalie Geary, MD, is executive vice president of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation in Miami. She is an integrative physician with an expertise in treating wheat allergy and gluten sensitivity in adults and children.

With more than 23 million books sold, the South Beach Diet program works wonders by helping people lose weight with its easy 3-phase approach, delicious recipes, and incredible results. Now, Dr. Arthur Agatston, leading cardiologist and author of the original South Beach Diet, shows you how to break free of gluten overload, satisfy your hunger, and shave off the pounds in just 30 days with his new breakthrough program, The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution.
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New nutrition research has shown there are varying degrees of gluten sensitivity and not everyone needs to be completely gluten-free. On Dr. Agatston’s program, you won't be walking around cranky and hungry. And yes, you'll lose weight quickly and easily without feeling deprived. IN FACT you may discover that you don't need to say goodbye to your favorite pasta dish or your grandma's homemade bread for good! The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution doesn't necessarily mean gluten-free forever.

The simple, 3-phase approach to slimming down is based on successful South Beach Diet eating principles.

But you won’t just lose weight — you could see a turnaround in symptoms and in some cases relief from numerous ailments that are tied to gluten sensitivity.

The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution is easy!
LOSE WEIGHT AND FEEL BETTER FAST as you cut grains and gluten from your diet. You won't be hungry and in 2 weeks, you could be up to 10 pounds thinner than you are right now! You'll be eating six times a day … including dessert. Check out page 99 for the surprising list of foods you can enjoy. Click here!   CONTINUE TO LOSE WEIGHT while eating delicious foods like the Hearty Buttermilk Pancakes on page 202! At the end of these 2 weeks, you’ll gradually reintroduce gluten- containing foods to determine your personal level of sensitivity. Get started with The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution today!   HEALTHY WEIGHT FOR LIFE! You know what foods trigger your cravings, you’ve determined your level of gluten sensitivity, and you have all the tools you need to stay at a healthy weight and feel great for good! Don’t miss page 170 for tips for dining out or going on vacation! Click here!
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